POP3 & IMAP are standard email protocols that allow email users to check and send email via desktop email software like Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird, as well as wireless devices like Blackberry, Treo, and Sidekick.

POP3 - 'Post Office Protocol' (Version 3)
The most popular way for users to access their email is through the POP3 protocol. This method is well-suited for users who have limited storage space on their email provider's mail servers or those who don't want to store email messages online.

IMAP4 - 'Internet Message Access Protocol' (Version 4)
IMAP is another popular protocol for accessing email messages. With IMAP messages are stored on the mail server. When users access their email through an email client such as Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird, they are working directly with the messages stored on their mail server.

IMAP is a convenient option for users who need to access their email online from multiple computers and locations -- but prefer to use email client software instead of webmail.

Our IMAP server provides real-time push support for IMAP applications, alerting you the second you have new mail. Your IMAP application establishes a connection to our system and then sits in an idle state waiting for our servers to tell it when there is new mail. It can even watch for new mail in several folders at once and alert you the second that new mail arrives, which makes it very powerful for folks on the go.