BackDAT Online Backup - Resilient Network Communication

Reconnect and resume after connection failures
Save time to troubleshoot only those errors that really do need your attention. Most Internet connections go down from time to time. When this happens BackDAT will automatically retry for several hours (configurable). An error is only issued if the connection could not be re-established. You will only be alerted if there was a permanent problem that probably needs your attention.

Congestion aware flow control of backup bandwidth
Prevents backups from dominating other network traffic. The congestion control mechanisms in the underlying protocols ensure that bandwidth due to bandwidth will not stampede over your other applications, but will adaptively back off and let applications compete for bandwidth.

Bandwidth throttling
Don't let backups take over your network. Precise bandwidth limits can be set during on and off hours, and these hours can be customized. Allows your backups to proceed during the day without impeding business operations.

Uncapped backup and restore speeds
Utilize your full Internet connection. BackDAT will not rate-limit either your backups or restores.

Pause and resume backup after standby / hibernation
Friendly to laptop users. Laptop users are typically on the run and in a hurry. They can just close their laptop lid to hibernate their computer as normal and the software will automatically resume exactly where it left off when the laptop is next connected to the Internet.